Five Tips to Help you Plan Product Packaging for your Start-up Business

Starting a new business can cause a lot of stress and headaches. However, product packaging does not have to be one of them. Whether you are shipping products from a brick-and-mortar store or an online store, you have many decisions to make, items to buy, and papers to sign. Although preparing a packaging plan and choosing the right product and machinery can be daunting at first, packaging experts can help you make the right choices. To ensure your packaging works in favor of your start-up business, consider the following:

Decide whether to Automate or Not

Distribution centers can usually lose time as the package goods manually for transport. A lot of e-commerce businesses practice this. However, packaging specialists recommend switching to automation to save money.

Think about your Target Customers

As you plan your business, you will have to dedicate substantial resources to studying the buying patterns of your target customers. Every customer has a unique set of needs in terms of packaging. For instance, a lot of people may find it difficult to open certain product packaging. But, it is best to offer frustration-free packaging to your customers to ensure they have a good unboxing experience. Keep in mind this can factor can influence their decision to whether or not buy from your store again. Retail packaging should not only be appealing but also easy to use and open. In terms of customer experience, consider using elements such as thank you cards, gifts, and branded boxes to improve the unboxing experience.

Decide on the Fill

You can pick from many options in terms of void fill. For instance, biodegradable alternatives to shipping peanuts include foam, paper, and air. Airbags are flexible and lightweight protective packaging options. But, if you want an eco-friendly option that suits products that are less freight sensitive, choose paper.

Pay Attention to Sustainability

In any industry, sustainability is a hot topic today. As individuals and organizations pay so much attention to saving the planet, your company should focus on using sustainable products and resources. From sourcing to on-site energy consumption, customers expect your organization to know you put value on sustainability and that you have a plan to contribute to protecting the environment.

Get your Brand Recognized

Usually, a standard brown box can bury a brand alive. A lot of luxury brands are using product packaging as an opportunity to make a customized experience for their customers. Ensure your packaging is printed with texts and images that represent your company clearly.