Plant Hire – An Essential Service for the Small Builder

If you are in the construction business, you will be aware of the wide range of plant and equipment a builder might require. The list is indeed long and no single contractor would have the capital to purchase everything he might need, so typically a builder would forge an alliance with a reputable local plant hire company.


Constructing a building requires heavy excavators and dumpers, especially at the foundation stage, and this kind of machinery is always in demand. With the hectic schedule, a builder cannot afford to wait for essential machinery, as the workers have to be paid regardless, and when he orders a piece of plant, he would expect it to be on-site at the agreed time. This means a plant hire company must have considerable resources, if they are to supply their customers promptly, and they would also require a dedicated maintenance team that services the machinery as it comes off hire. This type of heavy equipment undergoes a lot of punishment, and in order to keep working, it must be regularly serviced.

Land Clearance

If the builder is tasked with clearing the site prior to construction, he will need the right machinery to do that, and with his regular plant hire company always at the ready, he can effectively organise his busy schedule, knowing the machinery is covered. If you are looking for construction machinery in Lincolnshire, a simple online search should reveal a supplier nearby.

On-Site Support

Heavy machinery does break down, and the chances are, this will happen when the machine is out on hire, so having a company that will rapidly respond and get the machine back to work quickly is essential. Time is always of the essence in the building industry, and with many employees depending on this plant, even a few hours can add up, which is why you must have a company that has the resources to deal with any eventuality.

Compressors and Generators

Large construction sites will require several, and these items provide the power for tools, lighting and heavy plant that runs on compressed air. They can range in size from a small portable unit to a large trailer bound unit that supplies a high level of power.


This is one of the major headaches for any project manager, and without it, work above ground is not possible. If you have a reliable scaffolding supplier who will not let you down, then you can plan the work schedule accordingly, and with safety an important issue, an experienced scaffolder would always make sure it is safe.


All unwanted materials must be responsibly removed, and with skips of various sizes, you can effectively and safely remove all waste materials from the site without causing any disruptions to the project schedule.

A local builder would be well advised to source a reliable plant hire company that has a branch nearby, and anytime he requires heavy plant, he can simply make a call or login to the website and make the booking.