Responsibilities an Overseas Airport Manager

Airport Manager. This job appointment sounds like yet another managerial role in which  the manager gives orders from his office desk. However, this is not even close to what it really means to be an Airport Manager. Based in a foreign airport, the main responsibility of an overseas Airport Manager lies in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the airport on a daily basis. This includes all aspects of airport operations such as airside and landside terminal operations, infrastructure development, facilities maintenance, customer service, baggage and air cargo handling, airport safety management, and airport emergency planning. Managing the airport’s commercial business such as airport retail and F&B is part of their duties as well.

Position Description

An Airport Manager works closely with various stakeholders to ensure the efficient running of the airport. He engages the government and the relevant organizations to ensure compliance in matters such as aviation policies, airport safety, customs and immigration. Airport Managers also work with airport tenants, airport retail groups, airlines, ground transport services to realise the commercial potential for their airport.

Working Environment

The working environment of an Airport Manager varies greatly, depending on the size of the airport. The environment of a major airport facility can be rather hectic and pressurising. There could be an assistant Airport Manager in the same terminal building taking on a more prominent role.

While working hours are regular, in time of emergencies, an airport manager must be prepared to work overtime. Travelling may at times be required when carrying out negotiations with airlines, tenants, as well as state and federal officials.

Finding the Best Airport Management Services

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