What are the Current Apps that Help You Find a RideShare Company?

Ride sharing is one of those ideas that have managed to work well for the transportation field. Sharing a ride to a specific destination leads to less traffic in the cities, reduces air pollution, and ensures less trips made towards a specific destination which consequently enables the riders save some pennies. With more and more people embracing this idea, ride sharing has become part of daily routine for many and it is for this reason that sites such as https://rideshareapps.com/ offer all information there is to ride sharing. This site mostly provides ride sharing experiences.

If you are considering ride sharing, you will be able to get a RideShare company using the following apps:


This is one of the biggest American transportation network companies that has taken over the ridesharing space. The app is easy to use and instantly connects riders with the driver. In the event that you want to rideshare, the app has a link that connects all the riders who are going to the same place. The outcome is a reduced ride rate at the end of the trip. This company has a wide network, making it easy for you to land same destination riders.


Uber is also a big name when it comes to ride sharing. The Uber app has an uberPOOL option that allows one to ride share and share the cost as well. To access it, check the bottom of the screen where you will find an uberPOOL option, set up your pickup location and the location of your destination. Select the option to share your ride and you will be matched with other riders. Uber however gives the option of a maximum of two riders per pickup.


This app is an affordable and convenient way to get to your destination. Apart from the normal rider services, it also has Shared Rides option that offers discounts on a shared ride. The bonus feature to this app that takes ride sharing to a different level is the SideCar Deliveries option that combines package orders from the same route and facilitates deliveries in the fastest and most affordable way.

Carma Carpooling

This application allows riders to carpool in cities around the world in a quest for a �faster, greener and more affordable commute’. With this app, riders pay very little a mile, meaning that profit margins are not high for the drivers. They are however committed to the environmental-friendly cause.


At 35 years old, this is one of the oldest ride sharing companies around. The app offers carpooling and fleet solutions for workplaces and campuses. It is an organized service that works well for workplaces-in fact they offer a bonus incentive program that enables the commuters to save money and energy.

If going in the same direction with your colleagues or fellow schoolmates, why not help in conserving the environment by freeing up the roads in terms of traffic and get yourself one of these ride share apps? Not only will you be de-congesting your city, but you might also make a few friends while at it.