Why Summer is the Worst Time of the Year to Hire?

Very much like the weather, the trends of recruitment also change with the season. The new year begins with a celebration as many businesses have a fresh budget to begin with. Fall months are also deemed as a peak hiring season and slows down in the winter. Spring is a consistent time but not the overly busy time of the year to recruit candidates. But when it comes to summer, it is the worst time to hire. Here’s why.

  1. Summer is meant for vacation and relaxation

Summer is the worst time to hire as both job seekers and HR department goes on vacation and relax themselves outside of work. HR department believes that talented people aren’t looking for job in their free time. They tend to spend their evenings outdoors rather than seeking a job to check what is available for them. This vacation time also makes it hard for businesses to gather a professional interview team. It is a good practice to make the candidates meet the hiring manager, prospective team members, senior management etc. But it is hard to schedule an interview at this time of the year as fewer people are available at work.

  1. Depends on the industry

Obviously, no business slows down during the summer. There are many tourism and hospitality industries that deliver their services to all the vacationing white collar professionals and their family members. These businesses expand their summer staff on a temporary basis in the expectation of brief summer months. Most of these businesses struggle to entirely get staffed up by the inception of summer or even late spring. According to researchers, 31 percent of seasonal employers accomplish their recruitment before May, 34 percent accomplish during May, 20 percent during June and remaining carry on throughout the season. Hiring beforehand helps in setting up the business to train and prepare its new candidates while it is slow. It also lets them centralize on their basic tasks during busy months rather than investing time and resources to interviews and on-boarding.

  1. Go against the tide

No matter if the summers are the worst time of the year to hire, a sturdy case can be made that the companies shouldn’t halt from June through August. When working by contrarian thinking, it is often rewarded in the business operations and an ideal candidate can be hired while everyone is waiting on the sidelines. Urgency is essential when recruiting but a slow yet active operation can certainly pay off during the summertime. Many experts are prone to get distracted by the nice weather but it doesn’t mean that no one is checking the job boards every now and then.

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